A Message from the President

Embracing Our Heritage

When Marines and Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Sailors are forged it is done through experiences shared in the cohesiveness of units and the fire of combat. Also forged is the strength of our spouses and children; families within the family.  It has been said that “Those who suffer together build an unbreakable bond”; this is the embodiment of Marine Corps Life.    

The MCCC, SETX represents the foundation of the Marine Corps motto – Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful. It is my intent to prove to the citizens of Southeast Texas that we live by this motto. For this to become a reality, I need all Marines and FMF Sailors, currently serving, retired, veterans, spouses, and children to become participants.    

If you have been searching for a way to become active in Marine Corps related activities conducted in Southeast Texas, our organization is for you.   

This is my invitation for you to join us in telling the “Marine Corps Story” .  If you are ready to get involved with the Marine Corps Family again, let us know and we will facilitate your journey.   For more information about who WE are, what WE do, and how YOU can get started, take a look around our site.  For a more immediate response, send us an email in the Let Us Know About You  section.  To receive organizational updates as they occur, subscribe to our site so you can be "In The Know" about Marine Corps related events in Southeast Texas.    

Become part of what we do; Help Us MAKE A DIFFERENCE.        

I want to hear from you soon.      

Semper Fidelis,    

Steve Cutrer

Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret)


Marine Corps Coordinating Council, Southeast Texas



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