Mission and Objectives

Our Professional Ethos


The objectives and purposes of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council, Southeast Texas are to support the United States Marine Corps and its Reserve by providing a charitable organization capable of coordinating the activities of the various Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, and Marine Corps related entities in South and Southeast Texas.

Our mission is to provide coordinated assistance to Marines, Fleet Marine Force Navy Veterans, and their families in Houston, Galveston, and the entire Southeast Texas Area in conjunction with existing Marine Corps Support Service . 



Our Six Essential Tasks

1. TO PLAN for and coordinate mutual support and assistance between Marine Corps agencies in the planning and execution of domestic action activities, public information activities and recruiting activities. 

2. TO RECEIVE, process and amplify information on events and activities in the Council Area which can be exploited in ways that support Marine Corps procurement and recruiting missions. 

3. TO DISSEMINATE information concerning activities planned by Marine agencies to other Marine agencies in the area when the planned activity is expected to have an impact on the civilian community.


4. TO PRESENT awards for outstanding acts by Marines or for outstanding service benefiting Marine Corps Objectives and which are in the public interest. 


5. TO PROVIDE scholarship assistance at all academic levels for members of the Marine Corps Family, including Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Navy personnel who cannot pursue necessary schooling without such financial assistance. 


6. TO PROVIDE aid and assistance to personnel in the Marine Corps Family, including FMF Navy personnel, in unusual periods of need occasioned by illness, temporary hardship or financial distress. 

We COORDINATE support for those who need it; become a SPONSOR to help us do more.  SEMPER FIDELIS!

We COORDINATE support for those who need it; become a SPONSOR to help us do more.  SEMPER FIDELIS!